#WorkingWomen Spotlight | One2Ten Films

This week’s #WorkingWoman: Danielle Tuwano, Screenwriter & Producer


CEO of One2Ten Films, a film Production Company offering script-writing, character development, budget and scheduling, full production and much more.


As a child I would often write short stories, poems, and songs unaware that writing was an ordained calling upon my life. I simply thought writing was the right thing to do in my spare time and it became second nature to me. When writing stories, I would imagine scenarios, construct characters, and give them real life challenges to overcome. I knew my writing skills would play an intricate role in my life but I had no idea I would become a scriptwriter, let alone a CEO of a production company. Through compelling storytelling and creativity, my goal as a scriptwriter is to express myself freely with an unadulterated approach to filmmaking. As the CEO of One2Ten Films here in Atlanta, GA, my objective is to take filmmaking to the next level using a fresh innovative approach. I believe writing is an expression as well as an opportunity to be bold and daring to share your gift with your audience. That’s what makes Indie Film so wonderful. The worst thing you can do is play it safe. If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough!

What being a #WorkingWoman means to her:

As a writer, wife, and mother of three, being a working woman is fulfilling and rewarding. Having perseverance despite age, obstacles, opposition and overwhelming responsibilities exhilarates persistence and indefatigability. The percentage of women in film is stagnant at about 16% with only a few being producers. As a screenwriter and producer, I wish to bridge the gap and contribute to the increase of Women in Film behind the scenes.

Danielle, on knowing her worth:

“The importance of worth starts within you. It all begins with confidence. Being confident allows you, as writer to express yourself unapologetically as you bask in your gift from God. Beauty lies within self-worth and confidence. The inability to evaluate your worth will cause you to lose sight of who you are and miss out on a opportunity. As a writer, I am a visionary and I will let nothing or no one stand in the way of my potential to greater than what I am today”

Screenshot_2016-07-27-13-05-57~2       Screenshot_2016-07-27-13-06-37~2

Here is Danielle doing what she does best!!! Catch the web interview of Danielle on our YouTube channel: “As Told by HER”.
—> To be featured email us at be sure to fill out our #workingwomen spotlight and send it to hrobinson5897@gmail.com . We look forward to getting to know you and learning more about your business/services!

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