#WorkingWomen Spotlight |Queens Lyfe Cosemetics

This week’s #WorkingWoman: Gina Hepburn, cosmetic creator

 Queens Lyfe Cosmetics – lipstick, lip gloss, and lip liners cosmetic line. 


Queens Lyfe products are about being bold, confident, and being yourself. My vibrant colors help people express individuality, while being bold and confide
nt. I originally started Queens Lyfe Cosmetics in my kitchen while making lipsticks and lip gloss for fun with my daughter. My teenage daughter helped build my obsession for lipsticks. I believe that women and men alike should be allowed to express themselves through colors that make them feel good about who they are and the things they can accomplish. I am a very strong, motivated woman who has big dreams, she truly believes that the current journey she is on will allow her to do wonderful things for other people.”

What being a #WorkingWoman means to her:

Being a working woman means, I can play my part in society while maintaining my independence. Being a working woman allows me to showcase my strengths and gives me a platform to accomplish many things that are set in front of me. A working woman is bold confident and stays true to herself.”

Gina, on knowing her worth:

I like to empower and inspire woman to live their lives to its fullest capacity. I try to do so on a daily basis with motivation/inspirational quotes on all of my social media platforms. I think woman need to unite, and in doing so we can create beautiful outcomes with in our own lives. The products that I also provide allows women to express themselves through color and gives them a gateway to enhance their natural beauty, which entails them knowing their own worth.”


Pictured above: Some gorgeous lipsticks from QueensLyfe Cosmetics. Gina Hepburn, can be contacted at:info@queenslyfelipsticks.com

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