#WorkingWomen Spotlight | Dyme Pieces Designs

This week’s #WorkingWomanKimberly Allen – 

Owner, cosmetic creator, and fashion designer


Dyme Pieces Design’s, is a fashion and homemade beauty products line. Dyme Pieces Design’s specializes in designing custom made clutch purses, custom design shoes and handmade jewelry. Dyme Pieces Design’s also makes organic and homemade beauty products such as lip gloss, lip balm, nail polish, and bath essentials.


I am Kimberly Allen and I am a black woman entrepreneur. I am designer and owner of Dyme Pieces Design’s . I am a single mother of four awesome children, two boys and two girls and a dog. “I first fell in love with fashion when I sketched out and designed my prom dress as well as what my date was wearing, that’s when I knew I wanted to be a Fashion Designer. Dyme Pieces Design’s was created for my Dymes to feel and look like a boss in everyday life. In today’s world we focus on the many flaws that we have, but in my world, my goal is to “Bring out the Dyme Piece” in women and young ladies with my custom made Pieces and beauty products. I want them to love the skin they are in. The word “Dyme” means flawless, perfect, that reiterates how I want my women and young ladies to feel when they are rocking my Pieces.”

What being a #WorkingWoman means to her:

“A working woman means to able to make a difference through what we do. It means power and being able to express yourself in whatever line of business you are in. A working woman is a role model to young ladies and an example to women that shows them we can do whatever we want when we put our minds to it”.

Kimberly, on knowing her worth:

“Knowing your worth means knowing that you are a Queen and a boss – you are comfortable and loving the skin that you are in. You respect yourself and also show respect towards others. No matter what, you are looking and feeling like a boss, a Dyme in everything that you do. You know you have the power to make things happen.”

*** Be sure to check us out on YT: As Told by HER, to see a full unboxing of Kimberly’s items!


Pictured above are some of Kimberly’s products. For business inquiries she can be contacted at: kimallen179.ka@gmail.com

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