#WorkingWomen Spotlight | PRU Apparel

This week’s #WorkingWoman is: Ebonique , CEO/Founder of PRU Apparel

Business/Title: PRU Apparel


PRU stands for Power, Representation, and Unity. PRU is an athletic apparel line that fuses cultural designs into chic fitness gear! I created PRU because I love cultural representation through fashion. I live an active lifestyle and as my community becomes more active, my goal is to be a resource when it comes to choosing athletic wear we can take pride in.

What being a #WorkingWoman means to her:

Being a entrepreneurial working woman, gives me the full access to harness my powers. It means determination, dedication, confidence, and balance. It means never stopping because I know I have it in me to make my dreams come true. The power that we have as women is undeniable and I am using this power to enrich those around me.

Ebonique, on knowing her worth:

I ensure that women know their worth in my practice by continuously reminding them that they are loved, cherished and special in every way. We are magical, and if given the right energy, we ignite.

IMG_2840                                                          IMG_2842  IMG_2844

Pictured above and below is Ebonique Ewing – Owner Founder of PRU Apparel.
She can be contacted at pruapparel@yahoo.com.




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