#WorkingWomen Spotlight | Complex Youth

This week’s #WorkingWomen are : Brittany & Charmaine Goodwin, owners/founders of a hair accessory line. 

Business/Title: Complex Youth, which consists of handmade hair accessories that are the perfect compliment to natural hair. We sell our products on Etsy.com. Our headbands are made with fabric that will not snag on your hair or cause breakage. Our products come in fun prints and styles that make it a stand out piece to any outfit!


In August 2016, we decided to go fully natural by cutting off all of our heat damaged hair. During our hair growth period, we were looking for cute hair accessories to fit our new looks but unfortunately did not find ones that we truly loved. From that point on we decided to create ‘Complex Youth’ to sell handmade hair accessories on Etsy.

What being a #WorkingWoman means to them:

To us, being a #WorkingWoman means to strive to create the life that you want for yourself and to not feel discouraged when you are focused on that path because you can inspire other women to do the same. It also means taking ownership of your dreams and not waiting on the sidelines for someone to give you a shot. We all have the power to make our dreams a reality!

Complex Youth, on knowing their worth:

With our handmade products, we want to ensure that women at any stage of their natural hair journey can have cute accessories to wear and feel confident in!  


Pictured below are some of the accessories that the beautiful and talented sisters have created:

IMG_5918.jpg   IMG_8562.jpg IMG_8373.jpg              complexyouth

**** For all business inquiries Complex Youth can be reached at: shopcomplexyouth@gmail.com

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