#WorkingWomen Spotlight | Naturally Perfect Candle Company

This week’s #WorkingWoman is: Erika Wilson (ErikaNicole), owner/artisan 

Business/Title:  Naturally Perfect Candle Company, a handmade aromatic company (i.e. soy candles, incense and room sprays for home, office and everywhere in between).


In 2010, while I was working a part-time job at a hardware chain, as well as deciding to start my master’s program, I began creating as an outlet during my professional transition. I had two childhood friends that were preparing to cross into Greek lettered organizations and I was without money but wanted to shower them with congratulations. While up late one night researching, I came across information on creating candles and began purchasing materials that night and well into the next day. My first products were a set of Pink/Green candles and a set of Blue/White candles; they loved them and I knew I was on to something! Since then, I have made several strides with turning my hobby into a legitimate side business.


What being a #WorkingWoman means to Erika:

A WorkingWoman is one who awakes every morning with gratitude, with goals and strategies for achieving those goals.  Her goals are lofty yet attainable and her passion is undeniable. Her gorilla grind paired with her classy disposition puts her in circles that only propel her higher, faster. “Her goal is to be better today, than she was the day before but understands that even when she falls forward, she’s moving in the right direction.”


Erika, on knowing her worth:

I surround myself with a diverse enclave of #WorkingWomen to ensure I am up-to-par with the products I provide and that I’m consistently connecting with quality intellect. I take classes/seminars on various topics to ensure I am ready for whatever my industry has to offer while staying true to my goals as a creative entrepreneur. I also take pride in uplifting those around me whether it be through public praise or private adulation. “I want us all to win and I’m not afraid of sharing a step with another sister because it only makes that pathway sturdier for the next to climb.”


Below are images of Erikas products. 

geneva   ginger-and-genevaginger

*** Pictured above are some of Erika’s products: A Green Tea & Lemongrass candle (top left) and a Champagne & Mandarins candle (bottom). ***

For all business inquiries, Naturally Perfect Candle Co. can be reached at: naturallyperfectcc@gmail.comwww.naturallyperfectcandleco.com


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