#WorkingWomen Spotlight | Teeny Weeny Closets

This week’s #WorkingWomen are: Mary Tijani, CEO & Creative Director 


Teeny Weeny Closets: A luxury mommy and me boutique. We specialize in animated satin bonnets for kids which is often hard to find, Mommy and me turbans and unique hair accessories like jumbo bows. We take pride in the fact that most of our things are hand made.


 Teeny Weeny Closets is a company built on embracing natural beauty especially amongst women and children. As a mother teaching my child to take care of her hair from an early age is very important to me. I wanted to share that with other mothers through my business.

What being a #WorkingWoman means to her:

To me working woman is quite self explanatory. It means a woman that works and makes ends meet by any means any means neccesary for her family. It could a corporate woman or even a businesswoman. Just a hard working lady that explores and grinds to make her money legitimately.

Mary, on knowing their worth:

All of my customers will tell you that I constantly encourage them through comments or sometimes direct messages. I am constantly encouraging them to push forward as mothers, because as a mother I know I feel down some days and all it takes is a little push to brighten my day. On a daily basis I send positive vibes to the women and children on my page. 

***Pictured below are some of the “teeny weeny” apparel available for children, and their mothers alike:
image4 image_dad12c66-ce90-406b-b8ce-c706a87d8a9d_large

image1 image2

image6 image_aebe4912-3152-415d-8f14-34f57b2a03d9_1024x1024

For business inquiries, “Teeny Weeny Closets” can be contacted at:
Instagram : @teenyweeny_closets
Facebook: Teeny Weeny Closets
Website www.teenyweenyclosets.com

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