#WorkingWomen Spotlight | Dainty Delights by Ivana LLC

This week’s #WorkingWomen is: Ivana, culinary artist/ and business owner

Business: Dainty Delights by Ivana LLC; full-service event catering with specialties including miniature sweet & savory bites & dessert/candy buffets.


Dainty Delights by Ivana LLC is the premiere choice for aesthetically pleasing & delicious top-notch miniature sweet and savory delicacies. Our motto, “Miniature delicacies. Meticulous detail. Maximum deliciousness.” encompasses our commitment to excellence in client satisfaction and every aspect of your catering experience. Our culinary selections make every life moment celebration-worthy and provide the “cherry on top” to events of any size. Try the Dainty Delights difference today!

Dainty Delights by Ivana was created in January 2014 in Los Angeles, CA. Ivana was inspired to create Dainty Delights by Ivana LLC by her life long passion for hospitality & event planning, interests her mother & grandmother helped her cultivate early in life. From her days as a child playing waitress to family members & taking orders with crayons & paper, Ivana has always enjoyed spreading happiness & making others smile with food.

To date, with vast experience gained working in various event-planning capacities, Ivana has independently & successfully planned & coordinated full-food service social gatherings, professional meetings, & fundraising events for upwards of 500 people.

Ivana’s years of event planning & solid track record, combined with her hustle mentality & drive, birthed Dainty Delights by Ivana when she decided she wanted to share positive energy & joy by putting her passion for hospitality & culinary arts to work. As a proud alumnus of UC Berkeley & UCLA, Ivana combines skills learned in the classroom with her unique life experiences to genuinely connect with each client. We at Dainty Delights by Ivana pride ourselves on using food & maximum attention to detail to spread love & positivity through the avenues of catering & hospitality.

What being a #WorkingWoman means to her:

The term #WorkingWoman describes a woman who is determined to create a life for herself that encompasses the goals that are most important to her & closest to her heart. She understands that in order to do so, time, sacrifice, effort, & persistence will be required, so every day when she wakes up, she puts one foot in front of the other and takes baby steps daily to make her goals & aspirations a reality.

Ivana, on knowing her worth:

I ensure that women working in event planning & hospitality industries know their worth by openly sharing knowledge gained my personal experiences in this industry. I believe that knowledge is power, and mentorship & networking with other women are opportunities where I can share & exchange new ideas & perspectives with other #workingwomen working hard towards their personal & professional goals.

Be sure to check out Dainty Delights by Ivana’s product review and vlog feature on our YouTube channel

***Pictured below are some of Ivana’s “dainty delights”:

dainty-delights-1 dd2 dd3 dd8dd4dd5 dd6

For business inquiries, Ivana and her “Dainty Delights” can be found at:
Instagram: @daintydelightsbyivana
Facebook: Dainty Delights by Ivana 
Website: www.IwantDaintyDelights.com

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