#WorkingWomen Spotlight | Afro Urban Fusion

This week’s #WorkingWomen are : Vivian UmezinwaCEO & Creative Director of AFRO URBAN FUSION


Afro Urban Fusion is a Print Lover’s Heaven. We offer handmade urban quality clothing and accessories made from the finest of African Prints to little ones from Newborn to 6 years old. Our pieces are timeless and functional. We strongly believe that children can be stylish while promoting their cultural heritage.


My name is Vivian Umezinwa (Founder & Creative Director) and I am a print junkie. My childhood dream was to become a fashion designer and I would always make clothes and accessories for my dolls. But as I grew up, I strayed from this dream and got into the IT field. However, when I had my beautiful baby, I started making clothes for her which a lot of people appreciated and made enquiries about. From my love for Print, my heritage and making clothes for my baby, Afro Urban Fusion was born. And I am focusing on the little ones because viewing life from a child’s eyes/perspective makes me fearless and hopeful.

What being a #WorkingWoman means to them:

Two of my favourite quotes are: 1.) “I may not be the strongest, I may not be the fastest, but I’ll be damned if I’m not trying my hardest.” 2.) “There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise.” These quotes explain everything I believe a working woman is and they are some of the words I live by.

How do you ensure that women know their worth in your area of practice?

love my heritage and it shows in every print I pick out and every item I make and through this I encourage every person to remember and embrace their heritage.

***Pictured below is some of the apparel made by AFRO URBAN FUSION

crop off and maxi slit skirt juliza front


london cape

AFRO URBAN FUSHION can be contacted and followed at:
IG: www.instagram.com/afrourbanfusion ; FB: www.facebook.com/AfroUrbanFusion

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