#WorkingWomen Spotlight | Alana Ladson Art

This week’s #WorkingWomen is : Alana Ladson, Business owner/Creator

Business: Alana Ladson Art

Background: Alana creates paintings, enamel pins, art prints and stickers of women of color along with other magical beings. I am also the creator of Fatty Uni, a body positive, loving icon for those who are looking for fun, positivity and happiness in their worlds!

As an African American nerd that didn’t see enough of herself in the media as a child; she still sees the same problem going on for little girls decades later. She was an intuitive kid, more than she even knew at the time, but her internal frustration with the misrepresentation and (lack thereof) of women of color, particularly black women, was very evident. She knew that as a people, we are diverse from skin tones to personalities to beliefs. She believed that if girls & women of color could see themselves as beautiful and properly represented in multifaceted ways in art, music, tv, etc. all of our collective worlds would be better. God has blessed her with the gift of creativity and even as a very young child it was always her intention to share that with others who needed the art she makes, like she needed it back then – and even now..

What being a #WorkingWoman means to her: It means juggling a job and a growing business, as well as family time and a (kinda) social life! Having to split my time between my business and my job has been fine thus far, but I know as I grow in both areas I’ll need to adjust and be more flexible. A Working Woman should be able to those things: be flexible and make adjustments when things are going great or going not so great! In addition to that, it’s always wise to be grateful and give thanks. I believe in God, so I give my first thanks to Him. I also practice this art of gratitude with people in my life that have helped me as well. Every opportunity you get to show yourself, show your best side! Those are a few traits that I think are important to gain as a Working Woman!

Alana, on knowing their worth: That’s what my art is about! As a woman of color I feel the need to express my vision and others through my art. Though most of my art is of women of color, I also create things like unicorns (like Fatty Uni!), sleepy bears, fairies, food and more. I want anyone that looks at any form of my art to feel happy, blessed, warm and at peace looking at certain art pieces from me. When you’re wearing my pins, I want people to feel cool, confident and beautiful. I want women to feel powerful and lovely & I hope that they can feel that when they see and wear my work.

Pictured below are some of Alana’s pieces:
unicorn   alana ladson art   IMG_2292IMG_2294
Be sure to  look up and contact Alana Ladson Art atfacebook.com/alanaladsonart ; instagram.com/alanaladsonart  ; https://www.etsy.com/shop/AlanaPaintsEverythin . As well as her vlog feature on YouTube: As Told by HER 



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